Expanding Metal Production with Biology

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The Frontier of Biomining


Mineral Processing and Metal Extraction

Our technology uses enzymes to chemically break down the crystal structure of ores and extract metals and nonmetals at near-ambient temperatures and conditions. Bioextraction is designed for the clean energy future, it uses little energy and yields high extraction rates. No more tailings in large piles of waste or hazardous chemicals.

High Extraction

Efficient extraction rates of over 96% removing all metals from ores.

No Waste

High extraction efficiency means that all parts of the rock ore can be extracted and used.

Low Energy

Bioextraction does not use high heat, which decreases GHG emissions.

Minimal Water Use

Circular water reuse conserves up to 80% of the water in bioextraction processing.

Worker Safety

Simple, easy to use equipment and no hazardous chemicals promote safe working conditions.

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